The Passionate Amateur

31 Jan

Music and literature are two arts I’ve always known that are alive within me and I’m adding visual artist to the mix. 🙂 The passion for the visual arts/photography started to stir in my first year at university. I’d see an image and feel a tug-something inside me would tighten and become excited because that image would make an awesome picture! (I have a good eye for film as well and hope to go to film school one day – University of British Columbia or NYU), but as I was saying, I’d see an image and think, ‘awesome pic!’ but I didn’t own or have access to camera so many of the images remained ‘uncaptured’. I still don’t own a camera, but I get one to borrow occasionally and if I may say so myself, take DARN good pictures 😀 – I’m working toward getting my own camera (Y) 🙂 but in the meantime, I’m determined to learn everything there is to know about this art and to share it with you. 😀

Hop on over to to judge for yourself whether I take “DARN good pictures” or not! 🙂

*Dueces* 🙂

❤ Tomz

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Posted by on January 31, 2011 in Art, Dream, Passion, Photography


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