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Composition…A Science? Part II

Hiiiiiiiiii *sheepish smile* So it’s NOT quite tomorrow but two days later lol smh (busy busy) …I’m hie now*fake British accent* 🙂 …We were talking about shot composition-the science of it last time–but before that, SUSS…well, not really lol I was leaving TV Production class today and my lecturer, Franklyn ‘Chappie’ St Juste spotted my photography bible 😉 ”The Photographer’s Manual: How to get the best picture everytime, with any kind of camera’ in my hand and he was like “Oh, you’re doing a photography course?” real interested and stuff and I’m like, “No…just reading because I’m interested in photography…” and we went on to have a conversation and…guess what…………… he offered to TEACH me photography!!! *Heavens open and angelic fanfare begin* lol Like, how cool is that!!!??? Like, (I really need to stop using that word as punctuation tsk), yeah, like (tsk) one of my dreams is to become a film maker and Chappie’s among the best (if not the best) and most celebrated film makers in this region and yes, he lectures me but to have him tutor me, one-on-one in photography is like *Heavens open and angelic fanfare begin* (God is good) Awesome stuff I tell you 😀 Awesome!…, as I was saying, shot composition Useful-to-know-if-you’re-really-into-photography tips about Shot Composition cont’d…

Using the Background

Much like the foreground, the background can enhance a scene but as with Mr. Foreground, you must be careful to not have Mr. Background thinking he’s the main attraction at the party. 😉 On the converse though, Mr. Background can’t be too dull and uninteresting as this may leave you with an overall boring picture. The perfect balance has to be attained; Mr Background has to be like the host’s (focal point of the picture’s) new lover who’s a TAD bit younger so that he garner’s interest and curiosity but the bulk of our attention still stays with the host. LOL *I kill myself* heeehehe but yeah, u get the picture. 🙂

Details to note about Backgrounds

1 Does the background behind a human subject represent anything about the person’s work or environment?

2 Are the background colours harmonious or unusual in some way? Do they help to make a cohesive whole?

3 Does the sky appear in the background. Always seek to keep clouds clear and shown in great detail.

Choosing A Viewpoint

The viewpoint is the position from which the photograph is  taken. The viewpoint, through the use of angles, directly influences the level of drama apparent in a shot and the depth and interest a shot holds for the viewer. Feel free to experiment with different angles – it’s art and interpretation – not strictly a science- actually, not a science at all…


For more information, you may see

Freeman, J. (2007). The photographer’s manual: how to get the best picture every time, with any kind of camera. Hermes House. London.

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